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About Us

Welcome to Y.Natanel Marketing LTD

Since its foundation in 1999, the company specializes in importation, marketing and wholesale distribution of high quality cleaning and hygiene products for the Institutional, industrial and business markets all across Israel.

Y.Natanel Marketing is the importer and the marketer of over 3,000 products, which have been carefully chosen: Professional cleaning products, hygiene and toiletry products, quality paper products, efficient facilities for lavatories, professional car care products etc.

Our company champion inventiveness in both the variety of products it provides and the management and logistics it have. The main purpose is to give the highest value for our customers while saving the current maintenance costs and to still keep businesses clean, esthetic and welcoming.

We ensure good quality service and guaranty at every purchase, as we are certified according to international ISO 9001 standards.

Our Clients

We are happy to provide service to over 2,500 satisfied customers, among which some of the largest corporations in the Israeli market. Y.Natanel Marketing offers its services to industrial, business, public and institutional clients, including hotels, restaurants and kitchens, factories, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, synagogues, yeshivas, car garages and more. Offering optimal and personally fitted solutions for our clients, while consulting and accompanying all across the way, focusing on the quality of products, excellent service and maintaining satisfied customers – all these are our guiding principles

Our experience

Y.Natanel Marketing appoints a professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff, including our logistics and supply system, which provides the most rapid and beneficial service for our clients. As part of our activity extending over 15 years, we have accumulated the tools and experience that allow us to provide the perfect solution for every purpose and business need of the costumer, all under a single roof.

Our products

Products choice at Y.Natanel Marketing is being made while ensuring high quality and efficiency of the product, as well as offering favorable prices.

In addition to a wide spectrum of products, Y.Natanel Marketing imports and markets cost-effective solutions for lavatories such as: designated facilities, unique paper products, diffusers etc. All products marketed by us are fitted to the Israeli climate and the Israeli consumer.

So, come join our clientele and enjoy the company's finest products and excellent service!

Contact information

Address: I.A Kafr Quasim

Tel: +972-39243102

fax: +972-39243103

E-mail: info@freshclean.co.il

Mail address: Kafr Quasim, zip code:48810, pob:4880

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